Our Business Model

Laptop keyboard of a refurbished laptop from Remojo Tech

"Our initiative is charitable, communal and environmental.”

With the support of the Young Enterprise Scheme, Remojo aims to shift the refurbished device market to being focussed on enabling accessibility and equity of digital devices. Instead of capitalising on the inflated market value of these devices we instead focus on providing affordable solutions to consumers as well as donating a portion of our stock to students in need. We strive for more than just token charitability with the handful of laptops sold so far accompanied by at least ten donated to the student body.

Refurbished ex-lease corporate HP laptop refurbished and wiped using DOD 5220-M

Corporate compliance & quality control standards

We source our laptops through community donations and are in the process of expanding to ex-lease corporate devices. All refurbishment of devices is carried out with ethical handling of data; with data wiping conducted in accordance with US Department of Defence standard 5220.22M. Any parts or devices which aren't deemed to be reusable are recycled through approved authorised e-waste recycling centres conducted in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 standards. All aftermarket batteries purchased as part of the refurbishment process are purchased from NZ retailers and are compliant with AUS/NZ & ROHS electrical circuitry standards to ensure correct safety and operability.

Inspected and refurbished HP pavillion laptop meeting quality control standards

Consumer Standards

All reconditioned and refurbished devices are installed with a genuine activated license copy of Windows 10 and optimized for performance prior to sale. Our stringent quality control measures help ensure that our devices are in correct working condition when sold to customers. We strive to meet our assurances to customers & corporates so that all devices are handled responsibly, with careful attention to special requirements that we can also cater to. 

All measures we undertake meet or exceed our obligations set forth by the Consumer Guarantees Act, 1993.

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