Owyn Aitken on A Few Quiet Yarns with Ryan Ashton

The Digital Divide is a clear and present problem, brought to life by Covid as while those of us on the right side of the Digital Divide are enjoying video calls and online shopping, banking, booking doctors and homeschooling and other services we access online, there are 100-300,000 who are not.

Aside from the day to day conveniences, the present risks are people are not able to access Covid related information, such as places of interest, and where this project started, Education. Education is the pathway for any under privileged or underserved community to have the opportunity to move out of that position, hence ensuring education doesn’t stop due to ACCESS (one of the four Digital Divide Pillars)

We are going to hear from the R.A.D. team from the inception as a school project by Owyn Aitken and Hadi Daoud through to being a fully fledged business with Rebecca Harris, Bronwyn Scott and Victoria McClennan governance and support making it all happen.

Get your old laptop's ready to ship to Recycle A Device and learn how they recycle them to bring Kiwis across the digital divide by providing access. Check out the full Yarn Live on Youtube or LinkedIn!

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