Our Mission

Our mission is to make affordable computing devices accessible to everyone.
Our mission is to make affordable computing devices accessible to everyone.


At Remojo Tech, our final vision is to make technology more accessible, to all corners of society, whilst managing to ameliorate the effects of e-waste on our environment.


  •  Implement equitable reinvestment cycle, that supports students, the community and the environment

  •  Increase tech accessibility at Schools, for BYOD and at-home learning models by involving the community as to how we can all collectively take action

  •  Minimize e-waste and raise environmental awareness around rehoming devices, rather than treating computers as consumables

  •  Ethical handling of sensitive data through strict refurbishment procedures



Remojo Tech was proudly founded under the Young Enterprise Scheme, who provided support and guidance to us throughout the program.

Te Kaupapa Pakihi

Putake - The origins and reasons for our business to exist (Putake) stems from our desire to create community awareness around the issue of e-waste. We exist to:

  1. Raise awareness around e-waste and pollutants that can harm our waterways and environments

  2. Provide access to ICT equipment at schools, where students are not able to afford to bring a device to school

  3. Involve the community in taking action against these challenges we face; so that cost no longer becomes a barrier towards receiving a good education — this way everyone can access the educational opportunities they need to succeed

Tikanga - To be friendly, open and coherent with team members, customers and to ourselves. Our Tikanga is deeply rooted in our mission statement that focuses on maximising our opportunities by ensuring we work effectively as a group (maximising the use of intellectual capital) so that we can in turn maximise students' educational opportunities whilst raising awareness around e-waste in Aotearoa.

Kaitiakitanga - Through our initiative to refurbish computers that would otherwise be thrown out is in itself guardianship of natural resources as pollutants will not contaminate our rivers, waterways and ecosystems.

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